The Kindergarten experience at MHA is designed to foster children’s inborn love of learning. At this stage of development, children are compelled by innate curiosity and need to engage their surroundings, exercise the five senses, ask questions, play, sing, dance, wonder, explore nature, and experience quality literature. As educators, it is our role to provide them with experiences that will both satisfy and fuel this curiosity, as it is in these all-important early years where the foundation for your child’s future success is built. Our Kindergarten program is developmentally appropriate and designed to cultivate a life-long love of learning.

Nurturing the whole child is especially important during this formative period. The development of social-emotional skills and executive functioning (self control, self regulation) is of great importance. That is why MHA implements practices and curriculum that support the development of these critical skills.

Research reveals that child-led learning and play-based activities foster deeper cognitive thinking, right brain creativity, and overall executive functioning skills – skill sets which have been proven as reliable measures for predicting later-life success. 

girl with easel