The high school years form the runway from which our students will take flight into adulthood. These valuable years provide them with crucial preparation for college and career paths that will carry them into the future. Here we see the fruit of cultivated disciplines, character development, and years of previous MHA instruction brought to bear. In the high school program, students are required to take ownership of their own learning in greater measure, and are afforded an array of leadership and extracurricular opportunities. 

MHA’s student-centered philosophy, small classes, and caring teaching staff continue to afford high school students attention and preparation that they might not have access to elsewhere.

MHA’s high school program emphasizes whole-person education, with character development stressed alongside academics. Teachers scaffold students to greater levels of responsibility in their learning, and implement carefully selected college preparatory curriculum using research-based best practices and whole-brain teaching methods. High school students engage in hands-on, project-based coursework that challenges them in building essential skills like cooperation, critical thinking, reasoning and creative problem solving.  

Before leaving MHA, we want every student to understand the power of their own agency and to find their own voice. To this end, MHA provides high school students with ample leadership and extracurricular opportunities. Students also develop their voice and powers of expression through writing, speaking, drama, debate and Socratic discussions in the classroom.

High School boys working
boy kicking soccer ball