The elementary years at MHA are marked by an emphasis on character development and community. We are not merely developing bright minds that excel in academics, but well-rounded individuals who understand the impact of their choices and actions on the world around them. We understand that the elementary years are crucial for developing a sense of personal responsibility and disciplines (habits) that will serve them well throughout life.

Elementary academic instruction takes place in small, intimate classes, which afford flexibility for student-led discussions, project-based activities, inquiry-based learning, and one-on-one instruction. In keeping with MHA’s dedication to research-based best practices, curriculum is carefully chosen with whole-brain, whole-child learning in mind.

A multi-sensory approach to subject matter is incorporated across the elementary curriculum. Math is taught through hands-on, concrete experiences in order to solidify fundamental concepts before moving into abstract reasoning. Science is presented through a problem-based approach, requiring students to cooperate towards objectives and exercise critical thinking and reasoning skills. Concepts in Language Arts and Social Studies are explored through hands-on projects, quality literature, field trips, class discussions, and presentations. 

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