Middle School is a vital season in any student’s life and academic career. It is during this period that most students are forming a sense of individual identity and seeking to understand their place in the world. The role of Parent Partnerships is crucial during this stage of development. Together we must guide, train, and affirm each student in “the way that they should go” and equip them for success. It is our goal to see every student grow into a well-rounded, responsible, conscientious, and flourishing member of MHA and society. 

When it comes to academics, our middle school program acknowledges that students are embarking on the journey to adulthood. As such, they are hungry for instruction that is relevant, engaging, and meaningful to them. Middle school students desire to express themselves and be heard; therefore, they need opportunities to explore big ideas and think through challenging problems. Socratic conversations and student-led discussions are highly effective towards this end, as is problem-based, subject integrated learning. We recognize the middle school student’s growing need for agency and to understand that what they are learning in school has real-world application. 

Above all, it is important that our middle school students understand their great worth. It is our job, as parents and educators, to see them equipped with the tools they need for success in all spheres of life.   

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