Marian Hope Academy is a private K-12 Christian school on mission to raise up a generation of well-rounded leaders, thinkers, and doers whose lives reflect the beauty, love, and genius of God. We firmly believe that each child is masterfully created in God’s image, with a unique identity and purpose. We believe it is our responsibility to recognize and nurture this identity and to empower each child in fulfilling their calling.


Founded: September 2013

Class size: limited to 10 students/class

Current Enrollment: 100 students

Accreditation & Memberships:

  • A+ Designated High School
  • National Association of Private Schools
  • National Honor Society Membership


  • Christ-centered foundation
  • Student-centered, personalized education
  • Strong parent partnerships
  • Child-led creativity and innovation
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • Project-based & Problem-based classroom experiences
  • Small classes with strong, supportive teachers
  • Socratic discussion builds critical thinking, reasoning, and polite debate
  • Leadership, service and mission opportunities
  • Structured tools and strategies for building strong readers and writers
  • Classic and content-rich literature studies
  • Advanced class options for those who qualify
  • Modified class options for those in need of additional support

What a child digs for is his own possession. ~Charlotte Mason

What sets Marian Hope Academy apart from traditional schools?

ATMOSPHERE: MHA creates a Christ-centered culture of kindness, respect, positivity, grace and love. When students feel safe, valued and laved, anxiety decreases and higher learning is unfolded. Atmosphere is everything.

CONNECTION AND RELATIONSHIP: We love our students and desire to know each student, not only as a learner, but as a whole-person. We want to know their strengths and weaknesses. We want to know what they love, what they dislike, how they think, how they feel, and how they connect/respond to the world around them. Our Spirit-filled teachers take time to care for the mind and the heart of each student. We see it as our job to speak God’s truth in love. This process leads to student-teacher relationships based on trust. Students will respect and open their heart to those they know, love and trust. Connecting to students and fostering a trust relationship leads to deeper learning.

DYNAMIC INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION: Education should be focused on each individual student, not a list of standards. Once we know our students as learners, we implement the best curriculum, strategies and assessments to grow them in their learning process. We want to ignite the love of learning and create a learning environment where students are actively engaged in the process. We keep our class sizes small for many reasons; one is to give ample opportunity for verbal discussion and deeper thinking. Student-led projects to reflect individual innovation/creativity and multi-sensory learning is also seen in each classroom.

PRAYER: Our students are covered in prayer daily.

barrier game

I cannot put a price on any child’s emotional well-being. She is happy. She is confident. She feels she has purpose.

I used to think I was dumb. Then I came to Marian Hope and found out that I just learn differently and that is not a bad thing.

We believe education is more than checking off a list of standards or teaching students to score high on achievement tests. Learning is a process and for each child, that process looks different. Each child is a child of God with distinct learning styles, passions, and strengths.