We recognize that no two children are alike – and that some of our most hard-working, dedicated students have learning difficulties that may require extra support or special educational services. It is our joy to work alongside our students to help them overcome learning challenges.

At MHA, we approach special education in the following ways:

Classroom-based accommodations

Students remain with their peers, typically grouped by ability, and with a strategic learning plan in place. This allows for full inclusion of the student, with accommodations being largely implemented by the classroom teacher.

Special Education Classroom

Students may complete part or all of their day in special education classroom led by special educator and supported by paraprofessionals. Each student’s day is tailored to fit a strategic learning plan crafted by teachers and administrators. 

High School Life Skills

Some students require functional life skills training. It is our goal to help our students become  independent, self-sufficient adults who contribute to our community. We do not put limits on our students, but rather, step by step, challenge them to their great potential. We provide them with ample opportunity to flourish, and we trust God to be their strength in weakness.

Culture of Inclusion

MHA has a rich culture of inclusion and respect for individual differences among our school’s staff and student body. As much as is possible and beneficial to our students, inclusion is MHA’s preferred model for special education.